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Nirapara group distributes raincoats to Kerala State Police

One group that has always been in the forefront, irrespective of the rain or the scorching heat, in helping the State and the people fight the Covid-19 pandemic is the Kerala Police. Taking into consideration the devoted service that they have been providing, Nirapara group, one of the top FMCG brands in Kerala, has come forward to extend their support to the State police. Nirapara distributed 500 raincoats to police officers across Cochin.

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Nirapara's love to the unsung heroes

Be it Christmas or any other festival, the Kerala Police have always been instrumental in safeguarding the citizens of the State. As a token of thanks to these brave police hearts, Nirapara celebrates this Christmas by cutting cakes with them.

Nirapara's token of love to the heroes of Perumbavoor

The happy police team has been successful in overcoming the traffic problem Perumbavoor has been facing for years. Through planned control and timely intervention, this small group of police have been able to put a stop to the traffic problem to a great extent. In addition to vehicle control, the group also focuses on the safety of pedestrians. The happy police through their actions have been putting forward the message of Social responsibility with a sense of human compassion.

Nirapara group decided to show their respect to the members of this police group by distributing to them gift kits and also by honouring them in their Social Media Platforms. Nirapara through this act supports their service and their message.

Okkals's 'Unity of kindness' group shines as a model for the community

The 'unity of kindness' group based in Okkal near Perumbavoor has been winning hearts with their kind gestures. They have successfully helped women fulfil their dream of getting married. Nirapara and Okkal SNDP also extended their support to the group. Nirapara took responsibility for the gold and clothes required for the bride as well as the food for the guests.